10 Years of ESPI! Come celebrate with us!

Our passion and love for these adorable creatures gives us the courage to overcome the obstacles that constantly appear in front of us. Without your support we could not do anything.
Filled with a desire and hope for a more beautiful future we moved to new, larger, and more inspiring, contemporary facilities. We now have the ability to save and care for more animals.
On June 25, we are celebrating both our new home and ten year anniversary since and invite you, our volunteers, friends and supporters to celebrate with us. Ten years is a considerable amount of time and should be properly celebrated because despite our many failures and losses we value every happy ending, every new beginning and every proud creature that fights to be healed. And we want to become stronger and have a stronger voice to change the world for them. To make it more beautiful and more just!
We will all be there surrounded by our horses and our love will unite us for the proud quadrupeds (and tripod!). With a celebration that will last all day, we would like to say a big thank you for your love.

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