“How to handle our Horses” Training Sessions with Steve Vergis at ESPI


We are extremely fortunate to have Steve Vergis volunteering with us at ESPI, where he has been training and rehabilitating our horses. Further to this, Steve provides sessions, as an integral part of our volunteer compulsory horse handling. These sessions can also be available for participation to anyone interested in learning the basics of groundwork with horses, upon a small donation towards ESPI.

About Steve:
Stavros (Steve) Vergis, horse trainer, is known for his ability to calm untrained or traumatised horses in a relatively short time. Stavros was born in Greece, but grew up in Australia. Fortunately for us, Stavros decided to live here and has been living in Greece for two years now holding seminars, clinics and personal sessions in helping owners and their horses. Stavros was always interested in horses, but got involved with horses the last 36years and professionally the last 26 years. He had a great mentor in Australia, Eric Mathie, who taught Stavros for ten years in the ways of horses. Stavros uses common sense, patience and persistence to gain the horse’s trust.“First thing I do is gain the horse’s trust, because without that you can’t do much with the horse. Get the horse calm and submissive to develop the horse’s ‘thinking’ side of his brain and not the ‘reactive’ side of his brain. We have to learn to communicate with the horse. This is best achieved through ground work. The best way to gain trust and respect is to move his feet, just as a dominant herd member would do. We must become the ‘alpha’ herd member in the horses mind. Using force and fear is totally opposite of what we want to achieve. You will never get the best out of your horse and certainly may get injured because nature has created the horse to run from the slightest fear or threat. How does one communicate through fear? We want our idea to become the horse’s idea.”

Stavros has a talent for creating bridges of communication between owners and horses. And when it comes right down to it, is it not better for our horse to do our bidding because he wants to rather than because he has to?

The seminars are held every Monday and Saturday at 10am. There is a 20 euro fee per lesson which is donated to ESPI’s fund.
If you are interested in attending please notify us by phone, email or fill in the form below.