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Penny is one of the “tools” – mules, who came to ESPI in November 2015 from the island of Hydra. There she was used by the municipality together with another 4 other animals for harvesting garbage from the narrow streets, working all their lives under slavery for the benefit of all the residents of the small island. Tired, old, with worn teeth, arthritic and completely malnourished, they worked daily without any of the necessary care. This all came to an end happily upon her arrival at HSEW where she now rests with her friend Oliver. Unfortunately we have not received any financial or other kind of support from the Municipality of Hydra concerning the alleviation of these animals from their yoke. The most desirable would be if they both Penny and Oliver found someone to adopt them until the end of their life. Until then, we hope you will find it within your heart to become their sponsor parent and thus perhaps find the opportunity to visit us and bring to them a little of the affection and care that they have never felt.