12 equines from the island of Kasos

Since 2011 the deteriorating condition of the animals held in a small, unlicensed, menagerie run by the local municipality on the remote island of Kasos was brought to our attention by Animal Action Greece. On occasion, even feed had not been available, while some had been living permanently tethered. For many years, despite suggestions and recommendations, improvements were never implemented. ​So finally following a successful Confiscation Order in Rhodes, on the 17th of May 2019, a dedicated team embarked on a RESCUE MISSION to remove all the menagerie animals from the island and give them better lives. The equids – 8 Shetland ponies, two donkeys, and two horses were delivered into the care of the Greek Horse Protection Society (www.greekhorseprotection.org) at our stables outside Athens where they will be properly looked after for the rest of their lives or until they can be found suitable adoptive homes.
We appeal to you in order to cover the extensive costs that we have and will be having in the future to properly look after these animals. Your contribution will help us cover their expenses for their ongoing care.

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Please help us to give these animals a better future. Every cent truly counts!
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