Stray horse in Pikermi Attiki

Late on Sunday night, we were notified by Nikos Mouzakis, a friend of ESPI, that there was a stray horse in Pikermi. The horse, a 2.5 year old stallion called Panos, had broken his halter from where he had been tied up and was running free on the streets. We rushed to the location and upon arriving we found that Nikos had already caught him and tied him up. After some time his owner arrived and tied him to his truck (!!!). However, the horse broke his halter again and galloped off! We caught him again just as the police arrived.

The incident was recorded by the police and the owner was reprimanded both by ESPI and by the police!

It is worth noting that Nikos will be participating in the seminar this weekend, 22-23 November, that ESPI is organizing. Nikos will be talking regarding basic requirements for horses’ welfare, their proper stabling, dietary requirements and the daily issues owners may encounter, and how to resolve them.