The Greek Horse Protection Society takes many animals under it’s wing that have been abandoned and which are usually abused and with various health problems.

Following months of monitoring and care, and when these animals have fully recovered, our Society offers them up for adoption/fostering. Some of them may continue to have a persistent problem and may need some extra care, but with lots of love they can be assisted in living out many peaceful and happy years.

So if you have the opportunity, space and love, but also the necessary conditions to host one of them, we would be glad to offer you one of our animals for adoption, with the condition that the ownership of the animal in question will always remain with the HSEW, who also maintain the responsibility for its future course.

*If you adopt one of our animals you automatically become a member of ESPI, where you will be required to pay the initial registration fee of 20 euros and then the annual fee of 50 euros for the entire duration of the adoption.

To browse our gallery of equines eligible for adoption here below. Click on their images for more information on each.