Estrella is a darling donkey of advanced years, who was fortunate enough to be found when wandering in the middle of Kalyvia Avenue close to the Olympic village. Although it was a cold, rainy Saturday night we moved quickly. Estrella was in immediate danger from passing drivers as she was indistinguishable in the night because of her small size and black hair. With inspired initiative, the people who found her used a bed sheet to guide her away from the road, called the Police and, setting their obligations aside, remained with her until they arrived. At the same a volunteer from ESPI had been notified, who came with a horse box to transport her safely to our facilities once proceedings with the police had been completed.

This was yet another story that brought with it a lot of anxiety and fear for what we would encounter when we arrived. The result in this case was fortunately happy and successful for this weak donkey, who will now enjoy a long period of rest and recuperation at ESPI.

Her sight is extremely poor because of her old age and small and fragile body – she is 35. She was examined by our dentist Mr Touloupakis, where he found that she no longer has her back teeth – the reason which has obviously led to her weight loss. With her remaining teeth in the best possible condition, with groomed hooves and special food, we will try give her the most beautiful and carefree moments as possible away from the dangers of human indifference.

Update: It was a very sad day indeed when our beloved old “girl” sat down and was unable to get up again… we are sure she has joined all of our beloved animals in the heaven they are supposed to be.