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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]In June of 2008 we moved to our first premises, which were located in Koropi. Comprised of stables in ruin and some open space next door we went to great effort and expense reconfiguring the space to meet HSEW’s needs.

However, after 10 years it was becoming increasingly more difficult to meet the growing needs and demands of HSEW. This meant that we would need to look for new, larger premises that would allow us to extend our care and services to the [unfortunately] growing number of animals in need.

That being said, the daily expenses prohibited us from actively pursuing this. So when we discovered that Merenda Stables in Markopoulo was becoming available in January of 2016 we moved quickly and decidedly as this was an opportunity we dared not miss. Within days we were signing contracts and moving our horses and possessions.
Of course, one of our dreams for HSEW would be to have our very own premises so that the money we pay at present towards rent be better spent for the animals that need it more. However, the new premises afford us the luxury of 20 stables, 13 paddocks, and a much larger arena (as opposed to the mere 10 stables and 2 paddocks we had in Koropi) for the same rent!

Our new address is:
3rd km Myrrinountos street, close to the Olympic Riding Center in Markopoulo.
Until we get our new telephone lines installed you may call 6979090513.

We need your support now more than ever! We are so excited about our new home and look forward to you all visiting us!
The premises are open, as always, to the public every Sunday from 11am to 2pm.
Visitors have the opportunity to meet the animals, feed them and even care for them and our volunteers can give you a guided tour of the premises and tell you the stories of the horses we have saved.
Visits on any other day for children and schools are subject to arrangement.

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