There are some people who manage to make a difference and help us believe that miracles can happen. There are times when reality exceeds our wildest dreams and fills us with courage and gratitude, such as the story of Melina, a young and beautiful mare, who at only 14 years old got to experience the harsh side of life with humans. She never knew tenderness, respect and a calm environment, neither at the beginning of her career at the track, nor upon her transfer to Paros where her owner exposed her to repeated pregnancies, hunger, thirst and unnecessary hardship. But she waited patiently for a better life, a life worth living.

Melina’s rescue story who, unlike her legendary namesake, had never pretended to be anyone other than who she is, was a success despite all the difficulties that arose. Her rescuer, a Lady with great strength and iron will invested her time and money to save her from her old life, handing her over to us in order to give her a fighting chance for a better future. This will begin when the right family is found that will embrace her and her needs and will make her feel safe again. By helping ESPI you help in the rescue and rehabilitation of abused horses like Melina. We thank you wholeheartedly!

Update: Melina has found what we hope is her forever home with a lovely family close to us, in Koropi. We wish them to have many happy moments together for a very long time.