Abandoned on the roadside.
How many times have you thought, “I wish I could do something”?
Now you can.
Become a sponsor for one of our horses. Help us feed and take care of these animals that have been lucky enough to receive care from ESPI volunteers. ESPI will never knowingly deny help to a suffering animal.
Play an important role in our work.
When the costs for the maintenance of our facilities, the daily health care that most equines require, their feed, sawdust etc. for each animal costs us approximately three hundred and fifty euros (350) a month per animal, we only ask that you support the animal of your choice with the amount of seventy 70 euros per year!

How its done.

With 70 euros a year ( only 6 euros a month) you can become a sponsor for the animal(s) you want to help.
Simply choose the one you prefer from the list of animals at our facility, complete the registration form and send it to us.

With your registration you will receive the following:
A Sponsorhip Certificate
A photo of your horse

Your sponsorship is valid for 12 months from the date of enrollment. When it expires you do not have to worry as we will send you a reminder to renew it.
In the event that the animal that you have sponsored is adopted or passes away, your financial contribution supports the other animals that we shelter.
Sponsorship can also be given as a gift for your friends. For children it is an especially unusual and thoughtful gift.

To fill in the Sponsorship form click here.

Check out our equines here below. Click on their photographs to see more information and photographs of each one.

*Please note that sponsoring an animal does not register you as a member of ESPI. To register as a member of ESPI please follow the procedure as described here.

Thank you!