Sponsor horses at ESPI

Become a sponsor to a horse. Save a life and become part of a special community

Sponsoring a horse, donkey, pony, is much more than just a way of helping animals. It is an experience that rewards you in the most unique way. Sponsors are the core of our program, and your generous donation helps us care for and protect our rescued animals.

Why foster a horse?

Let’s be honest. Some of our horses will never be adopted. Either they are old, too abused or just not what people are looking for.
But by becoming a sponsor, you can choose one of these horses and direct your donation toward their care and feeding.
Even if you can’t choose a specific equine, you can know that the funds you provide are going towards the care of all of them!

In addition, sponsoring a horse could be a great gift idea for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. It is also an amazing scheme for children’s schools, groups and organizations.

Choose your favourite equine and become part of this rewarding experience, become part of the HSEW family

How to participate

For 70 euros per year (only 6 euros per month) you can become a sponsor of the animal you want to help.

Simply choose the animal you prefer from the list and fill in the sponsorship form.

To fill in the Sponsorship form click here.

By registering you receive:

  • Personal sponsor certificate
  • Photo and history of your chosen horse

* Sponsorship is valid for 12 months from the date of your registration
** In the event that the animal you have sponsored is given up for adoption or passes away, your financial contribution continues to support the other animals in our care
*** Please allow 14 business days for processing and delivery of the sponsorship file