Stefi was found stray along with two other horses near the area of Mesogeion. The ropes with which she was tied were tangled in the grapevines trapping her. Exposed to the hot sun without food and water the animals suffered in silence. As soon as our volunteers found them they neighed joyfully as if they knew we were their saviours! Their owner had disappeared leaving and abandoning 15-20 dogs, as well as the horses. The case is in the hands of the law and fortunately, all the animals are in good hands. Stefi has a severe fracture in her hind leg, which hurts her at times. She is a friendly, proud animal full of life. She cannot be used for riding or walking because of the wound in her hip.

Update: Stefi was adopted by the equine sanctuary Walk with donkeys in Crete, where she is enjoying life with her newfound family and friends!