Tammy was transferred to our facilities in February 2017 along with Sandy*. The two mares were spotted by a volunteer in Spata suffering from serious abuse and neglect. Their situation was critical and we moved quickly.

Tami is currently at ESPI where she is recovering, gaining strength and enjoying peace and quiet away from the troubles of her past life with the companionship of our other equines.

*Unfortunately Sandy did not make it. Although we fought with her with all our strength, she had already given up her effort.The internal and external scars she carried due to human indifference, abandonment and abuse were too severe for her weak and young body to endure. She left us peacefully, the little light that was left in her eyes going out like a candle that had come to its end.

Update: Tammy has found what we hope is her forever home and we wish her and her new owner many happy moments together.

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