Three stray horses in Korydallos

On October 23, 2015, volunteers from HSEW went to Schisto, Korydallos, to examine the case of three stray horses, about which we had been notified. From the information we had, the horses had been wild and free for about three years already, which is why we asked Stavros Steve Vergis-Horse Trainer and valuable supporter of ESPI, to accompany the volunteers and offer his help.


The horses, a stallion, his mare and foal were found without much difficulty, except that the Stallion, which was pretty aggressive, did not let us get close to any of them. All three were in very good physical condition, which pleased and reassured us. There was also evidence of them being fed by someone. However, their ‘owner’ remained unknown and not to be found.

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Following consultation with the local police and evaluating the horses’ condition and that any effort we might make to gather them under the current conditions would prove too dangerous both for us and for them, we decided to leave them where they were.


We remain in contact with the Municipality of Korydallos and the local police station so that the most suitable place may be found where they will be safe and live in their natural environment without danger to themselves or the local population.10460602_10153639775512305_6956002842318377056_o