Team volunteering is a very important practice that assists the Society in strengthening the relationship amongst our members. All those interested in volunteering for the HSEW must contact the basic team of volunteers, who will inform them as to the various areas and jobs where assistance is needed. A brief training session is then scheduled by those responsible in the organization, relative to the capabilities of those interested and in their preferred area of assistance.

It is very important to all those interested in helping us that they appreciate the fact that the animals in our care have particular needs and require special handling. Apart from the visible, physical scars that leave their mark, there are also psychological scars that affect their personality. In addition to the daily needs of assistance and care-taking, it is of extremely vital importance that the team responsible for undertaking the execution of some of the complaints be boosted.

When we are called to answer a complaint, apart from the legal knowledge we have acquired from our experience and the ambiguous legislation regarding equines, we have a great need of people who will surround us and support us. Most times we must reach inaccessible areas in unfavourable, and even dangerous, circumstances risking our own safety. The more we are, the greater our strength.

The HSEW’s basic team of volunteers is made up of an exceptional group of people who have already acquired valuable experience and who welcome and organize the important work of volunteering. The members of this team are: Emilia Kyriakou, Anastasia Sofroni, Thanasis Heliotis, Stella Kalamaki, Angeliki Manessi, Christina Alexandrou, Angeliki Panagiotopoulou