Hereabouts, literally “next door”, not even five minutes from Koropi centre. Tied up permanently at the back of a rotting tractor, with only two meters of rope. Left at the mercy of the sun and the rain, except for the few hours that the roof provided a little cover from the elements. His only food consisting of thrown out aubergines and a few traces of wheat grains, the ground covered in manure… Tiny, gaunt, pitiful. This little donkey was once loaded from Mani to a farmer, to give as a gift to his grandchildren. The idea was not successful and so this unfortunate being was left permanently attached to the old tractor.
He would have died, that much is certain. His ageing keeper never bothered to learn the requirements of this poor donkey. And even though he remembered as a child, watching the horses and donkeys grazing in the surrounding fields, it seemed to him the most natural thing to neglect the unfortunate animal by having it permanently bound and feeding it scraps of vegetables he could find (a most unsuitable feed for a donkey).
With the help of Donkey’s Land, the rescue operation was fortunately quick and efficient, with Kyriakos being moved safely to our premises.
It’s been a long time now and Kyriakos’s health has been restored. Now we just hope to be able to find him a responsible family that will adopt him and provide him with a comfortable and protected life.

If you would like to adopt Kyriakos, please download and fill in the Adoption Form and send it to us.
If you would like to sponsor Kyriakos, please fill in the Sponsorship Form.

Thank you very much!